Why do search engines need SEO?

Google is a smart engine, but it still needs the help of users, they are always trying to provide better results to Internet users, however, there are limitations in this direction that create the need for SEO. Wrong SEO can hide you from users and waste all your efforts, so your competitors will have more traffic and popularity with poorer content.

Google's crawling bots have relatively specific factors for understanding the content of the page, which, if followed, will increase your chances of gaining a place. خرید بک لینک و رپورتاژThese factors are called onpage seo and to be successful we need to know exactly what these factors are in SEO.

Black hat and white hat SEO
The use of SEO techniques for customer satisfaction and compliance with all rules and principles in this direction is called white hat SEO, but the use of weak search engines and their deception techniques along with the lack of importance to visitor satisfaction is known as the black hat method. Once a month, however, سئو off page Google will identify these black hat techniques and punish sites that have used them. For a better view of this issue, reading the SEO Tricks article can be useful for you.
What are the most important steps of SEO?
SEO and site optimization is a time consuming and continuous process. There are many techniques and methods to get a better position in Google results, each of which can have a positive impact on this process. To be successful in SEO, we need 3 main arms of each site, which are:
1- Technical SEO
Standardization of site coding, observance of SEO principles in design, standard markup, optimization of site speed, design of responsive version and the like are called technical SEO. To start content marketing activities, تحلیلگر سئو we first need a strong platform and standard site.

2- Content marketing
Activities including identifying valuable keywords, analyzing competitors, formulating content strategy, producing valuable content, tagging and categorizing, internal linking, etc. can be considered part of the content marketing process. Success in SEO is almost impossible without content.

3- Targeted link building
Adhering to SEO technical standards and producing valuable content can take you to the first page of Google results, but to get the 1st rank and compete with older sites, you need external linking for your site. خرید رپورتاژ دائمی Activities in social networks, specialized forums, comment marketing, buying backlinks, buying ad reporting and… are called SEO Off-page.


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